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Good Food Guide Top 50 Changes - 17/08/2017

The Good Food Guide Top 50 is a list of the fifty best restaurants from the yearly updated Good Food Guide, one of the most widely recognised and best selling restaurant guides in the UK. Below are the latest changes from 17/08/2017.

Good Food Guide Top 50 New Entries

Name Location Old Position New Position
Claude Bosi at Bibendum London - 9th in UK  (8/10)
The Three Chimneys and The House Over-By Dunvegan - 25th in UK  (7/10)
Moor Hall Ormskirk - 26th in UK  (7/10)
The Ritz Restaurant London - 28th in UK  (7/10)
The Sportsman Whitstable - 42nd in UK  (7/10)
The Man Behind The Curtain Leeds - 50th in UK  (7/10)

Good Food Guide Top 50 Ranking Improved

Name Location Old Position New Position
Restaurant Nathan Outlaw Port Isaac 2nd in UK  (10/10) 1st in UK  (10/10)
Pollen Street Social London 4th in UK  (9/10) 3rd in UK  (9/10)
The Fat Duck Bray 6th in UK  (9/10) 5th in UK  (9/10)
Restaurant Gordon Ramsay London 7th in UK  (9/10) 6th in UK  (9/10)
Hedone London 8th in UK  (8/10) 7th in UK  (8/10)
Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles Auchterarder 9th in UK  (8/10) 8th in UK  (8/10)
Casamia Bristol 27th in UK  (7/10) 10th in UK  (8/10)
Bohemia Jersey 24th in UK  (7/10) 11th in UK  (8/10)
Ynyshir Machynlleth 40th in UK  (7/10) 12th in UK  (8/10)
Dinner by Heston Blumenthal London 29th in UK  (7/10) 13th in UK  (8/10)
Marcus London 17th in UK  (8/10) 15th in UK  (8/10)
The French Manchester 18th in UK  (8/10) 17th in UK  (8/10)
Sketch (Lecture Room and Library) London 36th in UK  (7/10) 24th in UK  (7/10)
The Forest Side Grasmere 37th in UK  (7/10) 30th in UK  (7/10)
Orwells Henley-on-thames 44th in UK  (7/10) 31st in UK  (7/10)
Marianne London 45th in UK  (7/10) 33rd in UK  (7/10)
Raby Hunt Darlington 42nd in UK  (7/10) 37th in UK  (7/10)

Good Food Guide Top 50 Ranking Reduced

Name Location Old Position New Position
L'Enclume Cartmel 1st in UK  (10/10) 2nd in UK  (10/10)
Restaurant Sat Bains Nottingham 3rd in UK  (9/10) 4th in UK  (9/10)
Fraiche Birkenhead 10th in UK  (8/10) 14th in UK  (8/10)
Le Champignon Sauvage Cheltenham 13th in UK  (8/10) 16th in UK  (8/10)
The Ledbury London 11th in UK  (8/10) 18th in UK  (8/10)
Midsummer House Cambridge 12th in UK  (8/10) 20th in UK  (8/10)
Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester London 14th in UK  (8/10) 21st in UK  (8/10)
The Peat Inn St Andrews 20th in UK  (8/10) 22nd in UK  (8/10)
The Greenhouse London 25th in UK  (7/10) 27th in UK  (7/10)
Castle Terrace Restaurant Edinburgh 22nd in UK  (7/10) 29th in UK  (7/10)
Paul Ainsworth at No. 6 Padstow 28th in UK  (7/10) 32nd in UK  (7/10)
The Waterside Inn Bray 26th in UK  (7/10) 34th in UK  (7/10)
Restaurant James Sommerin Penarth 34th in UK  (7/10) 35th in UK  (7/10)
The Artichoke Amersham 30th in UK  (7/10) 36th in UK  (7/10)
The Dining Room at Whatley Manor Hotel Malmesbury 21st in UK  (8/10) 38th in UK  (7/10)
Restaurant Story London 32nd in UK  (7/10) 39th in UK  (7/10)
Simpsons Birmingham 35th in UK  (7/10) 40th in UK  (7/10)
Restaurant Martin Wishart Edinburgh 39th in UK  (7/10) 41st in UK  (7/10)
Adam's Birmingham 41st in UK  (7/10) 43rd in UK  (7/10)
Freemasons at Wiswell Whalley 43rd in UK  (7/10) 44th in UK  (7/10)
Gidleigh Park Chagford 33rd in UK  (7/10) 45th in UK  (7/10)
Le Gavroche London 16th in UK  (8/10) 46th in UK  (7/10)
Hambleton Hall Oakham 46th in UK  (7/10) 47th in UK  (7/10)
Murano London 38th in UK  (7/10) 48th in UK  (7/10)
The Whitebrook Monmouth 47th in UK  (7/10) 49th in UK  (7/10)

Good Food Guide Top 50 Removed From List

Name Location Old Position New Position
Hibiscus London 5th in UK  (9/10) -
Fera at Claridge's London 15th in UK  (8/10) -
Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons Oxford 31st in UK  (7/10) -
Llangoed Hall Brecon 48th in UK  (7/10) -
Lake Road Kitchen Ambleside 49th in UK  (6/10) -
The Dairy London 50th in UK  (6/10) -