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Telephone: 020 8426 6767
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Twitter: IncantoHarrow
Chef: Stelian Scripcariu

Restaurant Location

The Old Post Office, 41 High Street, Harrow On The Hill, HA1 3HT
Train Station: Harrow-on-the-Hill (0.53 miles)
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Restaurant Reviews and Social

Average rating: 3.9

Latest review:

Incanto: attractive space, friendly staffs, nice food – or so I thought! On my second visit there, an incident happened that made me never want to set foot in the restaurant again. My partner and I were enjoying our lunch until the manager came up to us and commented that we dined at the restaurant before. Feeling impressed that she remembers her customers, it turned out the reason why she remembered us was because “we did not pay correctly last time”. My partner and I were very confused as it was a while back (several weeks ago) so we enquired further but remained adamant that we have paid everything as per the bill last time. The manager explained that the staff was new and did not know how to use the cash till properly, as a result her staff has undercharged us. My partner said that even if her claim is true, it is a mistake of the staff and the restaurant, what do you want from us now? The manager said and I quote "well… you can pay or not pay, obviously I cannot make you pay. But you did have the food and you just walked out not paying for it." I explained we had no intention to not pay, we did pay what was shown on the bill. Had it been our intention to rip the restaurant off with a discounted meal, we would not have return to the restaurant. The manager argued that the bill was approximately £30 at the time and challenged why it did not occur to us that the bill was so cheap. Apparently, we should have thought that the price did not add up, having ordered a set lunch and a main, clearly one person was not charged. The manager’s response deeply offended me. Firstly, this is your staff’s mistake so do not burden us with the responsibility to check the bill after your staff. Secondly, it offends me that the manager is insinuating that we did not pay on purpose which I take it as an attack on my good character. Thirdly, to put this in perspective, a £30 lunch for two people is not “cheap” and whatever the figure was shown on the bill did not strike me as out of the ordinary. The manager continued “I do not want to ruin your lunch so I’m just going to leave you guys to it”. The damage was done; had the manager articulate this incident in a more respectful way, we would have left a tip behind to compensate for the shortfall, but there is no way I am paying for it now! I was extremely upset with the manager and how she dealt with her customers. I asked the staff to cancel my dessert as I wanted to settle payment and get out of there asap. The manager did not allow the cancellation as her kitchen is preparing the dessert already. When I retorted the manager said I will incur the additional charge for the dessert either way. I did not want to argue anymore and decided to take away the dessert and asked for the bill. The bill came and thanks to Incanto’s enlightenment, I could not help but asked “Are you sure this is the correct amount?”, just in case. The manager confirmed payment and I made it clear to her that I will not be coming back again. The way she handled the situation was beyond me. To which she replied, “I think I handled it pretty well!” Well… you have just lost two (returning) customers, well done. And thank you for your response below. It just goes to show how "elegantly" you really handled the situation. I think people can judge for themselves. I understand the owner of this restaurant has changed and since then the restaurant has not been doing well. You have confirmed the above and that you do not know how to run a business.
Posted by Valerie Shao 2 months ago

Restaurant Guide Change History

Date Guide Old Award New Award
October 2016 AA Guide AA RosetteAA Rosette AA Rosette

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