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Great Queen Street

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Telephone: 020 7242 0622
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Twitter: greatqueenst
Chef: Sam Hutchins

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Great Queen Street
32 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5AA
Train Station: Charing Cross Station (0.52 miles)
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Restaurant Reviews and Social

Average rating: 4.2

Latest review:

We were visiting my son in London and he took us to Great Queen Street for our last night out. It is indeed British Food, rather like food that is dressed up and told to behave for guests. How ever this magic works, , it is works very well. I would describe the the decor as comfortable. It is friendly, not fancy. It is completely congruent with the total experience. The wait staff seemed to be there when needed without hovering. The one time I needed something I looked around to see the sever keeping an eye out. I just smiled and nodded and she came right over. There were five. We ordered two dinners for two and one had a piece of fish. One dinner for two included tender, delicious roast beef with ham hock and a very well prepared risotto. The second dinner for two, which i did not order, was a chicken pot pie. That and the fish offering received similar reviews all around. It was all very English, but with an updated flair that was quite pleasing. If you live in London it is a great place to take visitors. Or just take those in your own circle. Fine work by all at Great Queen Street.
Posted by Rob Reck a month ago

Restaurant Guide Change History

Date Guide Old Award New Award
October 2018 Michelin Guide Michelin Bib Gourmad No Stars / Bib

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