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Our Restaurant Reviews

As well as listing how the major restaurant guides rate the top restaurants in the UK and Ireland, we also like to indulge our love of food by visiting restaurants of all levels in the UK. Below you will find independent and unbiased reviews of some of the restaurants we have visited.

Our reviews are based on a number of factors; food, service, value, enjoyment and fulfilment of our expectations (based on current restaurant guide scores) are key to the overall rating we award. Rather than go through course by course with a photo and explanation, we try and capture the essence of the restaurant itself with our reviews. Naturally the quality of the food served is absolutely key, but there's more to every restaurant than just the food. We like to review anonymously and not taking pictures of each course makes this easier to accomplish. Restaurants are awarded on a full 0-5 scale; 0 being terrible and 5 being outstanding (but not necessarily perfect). Although we visit a wide range of restaurants, we are not professional food critics by any stretch, so please don't be offended if your restaurant doesn't score a 5! Unlike restaurant guides which often base awards on multiple visits, we try to base our review on one visit, even if we've visited that restaurant previously.