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Our Restaurant Reviews

As well as listing how the major restaurant guides rate the top restaurants in the UK and Ireland, we also like to indulge our love of food by visiting restaurants of all levels in the UK. Below you will find independent and unbiased reviews of some of the restaurants we have visited.

A Word About Our Reviews

  • Restaurants are awarded on a full 0-5 scale; 0 being terrible and 5 being outstanding (but not necessarily perfect). Although we have been told our reviews are more accurate than certain other review sites (make of that what you will), please don't be offended if your restaurant doesn't score a 5, we are perhaps slightly more honest than other review sites.
  • Our reviews are based on a number of factors; food, service, value, enjoyment and fulfilment of our expectations (based on current/expected restaurant guide scores) are key to the overall rating we award. It's this balance that allows us, for example, to award top marks to both a 3 Michelin Star world-class restaurant and a 2 AA Rosette bistro.
  • Unlike a lot of restaurant reviewers who love to make themselves known upon visiting a restaurant, we purposely try and remain as anonymous as possible. We don't mention our arrival in advance nor anything about this site once we arrive, and we don't sit there taking pictures of each course (always a giveaway). If you see someone on the next table snapping various angles of every course, please rest assured, that's not us.
  • Why do we stay anonymous? Because this ensures we receive exactly the same meal experience as any normal restaurant visitor would; it can make a huge difference. And unlike a lot of restaurant review sites, we do of course pay for all meals out of our own personal pockets.
  • To help maintain that anonymity, and of course to "keep it real", we use many words and phrases in our reviews that professional critics and similarly minded food reviewing aficionados hate; we really (and I mean really) don't care about this.
  • In order to give a fuller perspective of what a restaurant offers, often we'll review restaurants whilst with children and non-drinkers.
  • Unlike restaurant guides which often base awards on multiple visits, we try to base our review on one visit, even if we've visited that restaurant previously.