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To show all current awards for The Bar and Grill at the Waterhead Hotel on your website, simply copy and paste the code below into your site HTML where you want the awards to appear. Remember, the awards for this restaurant will automatically be updated on your site without ever having to change the code.

Widget Preview

Want to customise how widget looks on your site? It's easy with a number of advanced configuration options available. Examples of how to set these options are shown below the table. Below the table is another section of HTML code you can copy and paste with the advanced options ready to modify. For more advanced users, the widget is designed so that it's easy to use multiple times on the same page. You only need to include the core.min.js file once and by using unique JavaScript object names (and target div names), you can show multiple instances of the widget, even for the same restaurant.
Option Name Values Default Description
theme light or dark light Sets widget theme. (Show light / Show dark)
showName true or false true Show or hide restaurant name at top of widget. (Show name / Hide name)
addCSS Full CSS file URL - Loads a custom CSS file. (Download CSS templates)
divId Any valid div ID lrWidget The ID of the div the widget code will be populated into.
Div Width Any valid width - Set the width of the lrWidget div to 'auto' to display awards horizontally. (V / H)

The Leading awards widget is completely free to use and can be placed on any website connected to or containing content relating to The Bar and Grill at the Waterhead Hotel. For example, it can be placed on the official restaurant website but also a food blog reviewing this restaurant is welcome to add the widget. The only condition of using our widget is that you don't attempt to remove or obscure any reference to Leading
  • 100% free to use.
  • Automatically updates! Your awards widget will automatically reflect new awards without you having to change any code.
  • Give your customers greater confidence in your awards by showing they are independently verified.
  • Simple to implement; just copy & paste a small section of HTML code. Also highly configurable.
  • Hosted with Amazon S3 cloud hosting to ensure super quick loading and maximum reliability.