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Child Friendly Fine Dining Restaurants

We don't subscribe to the theory that children should never be allowed in fine dining restaurants and should only ever eat in generic restaurant chains. Indeed, unlike a lot of restaurant review sites, we've paid many visits to child friendly award winning fine dining restaurants with the kids! Below are reviews for child friendly award winning restaurants we have personally visited.

A Word About Child Friendly & Award Winning Fine Dining Restaurants

  • The restaurants reviewed above were child friendly and held recognised restaurant awards when we personally visited them; that of course may have changed over time!
  • Generally we visit restaurants with children for lunch rather than dinner; in some instances fine dining restaurants may allow children at lunch but not at dinner.
  • When we say children, we mean young children (so say under 10 years old) and for many of the above, we took a baby too. Most fine dining restaurants will allow older children regardless.
  • We do have a separate section for child friendly Michelin Star restaurants if you're only looking for child friendly restaurants that hold Michelin Stars.
  • The restaurants listed above are based on our personal experience; it doesn't mean the many other award winning restaurants we have visited won't be child friendly.