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The Library Restaurant at The Bear of Rodborough Hotel

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Telephone: 01453 878522
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Twitter: cotswoldinns
Chef: Felix Prem

Restaurant Location

The Library Restaurant at The Bear of Rodborough Hotel
Rodborough Common, Stroud, GL5 5DE
Train Station: Stroud (1.55 miles)
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Restaurant Reviews and Social

Average rating: 4.2

Latest review:

Great apart from the restaurant. Splendid outside seating area, where we had a drink and saw some delicious looking fish and chips and other pub food being delivered to other tables. Comfy outdoor seating, with plenty of shade, if desired. Sadly we were eating in the restaurant, which has a strange menu put together by someone who has given no though to whether things items taste well together. I would particularly recommend avoiding the mushroom ravioli. I have had better from a supermarket packet and equal quality out of a tin. Plus it inexplicably came with a pile of rocket on top that was drizzled with balsamic vinegar, and then a light sprinkle of cheese over the lot. The chocolate tort was passable for a frozen dessert, but was inexplicably joined by a raspberry coulis and a lemon sorbet. Bizarre. In summary: If you want a nice meal stay outside, and just pop in to visit the bears.
Posted by Rose Harrison 2 months ago

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