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Restaurants from Great British Menu Series 14

Restaurants from Great British Menu Series 14 is a public restaurant list created by Leading Restaurants.

Restaurants featured in Series 14 (2019) of the Great British Menu are listed below. This includes restaurants where the chef who participated on the show as the Chef Patron of the restaurant but also restaurants where the chef in question is the Head Chef, or at least was at the time of the show. Chef's featured in this series included: Ben Marks, Luke Selby, Paul Walsh, Michael Carr, Samira Effa, Tom Anglesea, Kray Treadwell, Sabrina Gidda, Ryan Simpson-Trotman, Adam Reid, Hrishikesh Desai, Liam Simpson-Trotman, Ben Reade, Gordon Jones, Lorna McNee, Emily Scott, Joe Baker, Jersey Lee Smith, Andrew Sheridan, Tom Westerland, Cindy Challoner, Alex Greene, Chris McClurg and Glen Wheeler.

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