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Michelin Star Restaurant Reviews

Whilst we visit and review a wide range of award winning restaurants in the UK, there's no doubt that for many people Michelin Star restaurants are still the pinnacle of gastronomy. In fairness, at that level the Michelin Guide don't often get it wrong (although it does happen). Below are all our Michelin Star restaurant reviews for restaurants which held at least 1 star when we visited.

A Word About Our Michelin Star Restaurant Reviews

  • All the restaurants above held at least 1 Michelin star (including restaurants with 2 stars or 3 stars) when we visited; that of course may have changed over time!
  • Whilst we like to try new venues, we do often revisit Michelin star restaurants we enjoyed and will therefore write a new review when this happens.
  • For more general information about our reviews, please see our full restaurant reviews section.