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Baby Friendly Michelin Star Restaurants

Some people would say you should never take a baby to a Michelin Star restaurant. We say that's not the choice of some random restaurant customer but very much the choice of the restaurant! Having said that, it's not always clear if a Michelin Star restaurant is baby friendly or not, so below are some restaurants we have personally visited with babies and can confirm are perfectly baby friendly.

A Word About Baby Friendly Michelin Star Restaurants

  • The restaurants reviewed above were baby friendly and held Michelin Stars when we personally visited them; that of course may have changed over time!
  • Generally we visit restaurants with babies for lunch rather than dinner; in some instances Michelin Star restaurants may allow babies at lunch but not at dinner.
  • When we say babies, we mean very young children who need a high chair.
  • As our babies won't always be babies, this will also include Michelin Star restaurants where we visit with children and see babies are welcome.
  • We do have a separate section for child friendly Michelin Star restaurants which we might not have personally visited with babies, but may still be fine with them.
  • The restaurants listed above are based on our personal experience; it doesn't mean the many other Michelin Star restaurants we have visited definitely aren't baby friendly.