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Kitchen W8 Review

Visited March 2016

Kitchen W8

You know, this very website you're reading now is actually a pretty useful weapon in the arsenal when seeking out good places to eat. For it was indeed on this site that whilst in London for an exhibition at Olympia, I discovered Kitchen W8 was a mere ten minute walk away. What better excuse to pop in for lunch on a wet Wednesday with a colleague, not that I ever need an excuse for good food.

Pulling the punters in is a very reasonably priced (£25) three-course lunch menu and after a warm welcome from the charming front of house staff, we were seated in the perfectly nice dining room. It's sort of relaxed (as Michelin star dining rooms go) but don't expect the kind of raucous noise you might sometimes find in a venue like Pollen Street Social for example.

Lunch began with an extremely tasty crispy egg, accompanied by a delightful truffle puree. It was a great take on eggs with soldiers and an accomplished dish all round. It was here I discovered there are people who don't like truffle; my colleague choosing not to touch her puree. I would gladly have polished it off on her behalf, but alas, I don't know her that well.

The main of Pollock wasn't quite so impressive but nevertheless was a very decent dish and the same could be said of the hazelnut sponge dessert with apple granita. It was a perfectly edible dessert however and I polished it off without issue.

And that was pretty much that. Service throughout was good from a selection of extremely charming waitresses and the aforementioned lunch menu proved to be excellent value. Kitchen W8 is a fine restaurant which knows its level and its difficult to imagine being served a bad meal here; what more could anyone ask for?

Dress Code

When I say "relaxed" I mean "relaxed for Kensington", so really that's "fairly smart" for the rest of us.

Top Tip

The lunch menu is excellent value.

Guide Ratings

All the guides (unusually) have this absolutely spot on for me.
Ratings Michelin Guide AA Guide Good Food Guide
At time of review Michelin Star AA RosetteAA RosetteAA Rosette 6
Our view Michelin Star AA RosetteAA RosetteAA Rosette 6

Group size: 2 adults. Total bill (including service): £73.