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Damson Review

Visited July 2015


Media City in Salford really is quite a place, certainly compared to the mounds of nothingness that sat in the same location just a few short years ago. Out of what was once baron wasteland has risen a true technological hub, home to the BBC no less, amongst many other funky companies. All those smart media types need a place to eat of course, so step forward Damson, situated right in the heart of the action. I took a trip there on a Wednesday evening for dinner as part of a reasonably sized group.

I ascended the steps to the first floor restaurant to be greeted by a modern and I suppose, luxurious looking space. Floor to ceiling windows surround the whole room giving views out over, well, more buildings and concrete in all honesty, but there is something quite imperious about being a level up gazing out over the minions below. There's a good cocktail menu and decent wine list available but my main concern, as usual, was the food. There's a tasting menu available but on this occasion it was the carte for me.

Given the lack of real adoration in any of the major food guides, I wasn't really expecting any kind of fireworks. However, I was delighted to be wrong because the three courses I ate were all of a very good standard indeed. Dinner began for me with scallops, complete with celeriac and a truffle "soil"; yes this wasn't a revolutionary dish, but it was executed extremely well and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My beef fillet main was spot on the medium-rare I'd requested and again, a really good plate of food. I had no doubt in my mind by this point the chef can cook which is always a reassuring feeling when you come to a place that initially gives you that worrying air of style over substance.

Dessert of chocolate and raspberry pave with basil ice cream was quite delicious also and I polished it all off with glee. Service I suppose is where the place falls down slightly, the topping up of wine wasn't exactly consistent and when some of our party ordered the cheese board, the waiter serving really had absolutely no idea what was on it, having to consult a printed list and guess which was which; painfully unprofessional if I'm honest. But that didn't detract for me from what had been three excellent plates of food. The major food guides might not rate this place (well, the AA guide in particular) but I certainly do and I'd be delighted to go back and do it all again.

Dress Code

None, but I'd probably wear a shirt for weekend dinner.

Top Tip

Good cocktail list, get a table by a window.

Guide Ratings

I don't really know what the AA are playing at here. Consider some of the dross I've eaten in recent months deemed worthy of two rosettes, for Damson not to have any is astonishing really. Absolutely worthy of an entry in the AA guide for me.
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At time of review Listed - 2
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Group size: 6 adults