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Frequently Asked Questions

Leading lists the very best restaurants in the UK and Ireland, based on awards from the major food guides. If you have any questions about our service, please read our compilation of frequently asked questions which are listed below.
1) Why is xxx restaurant not listed?
Only restaurants that currently hold selected awards from the leading UK and Ireland restaurant guides are listed on our site. There are no exceptions to this and being listed on Leading is completely free to those restaurants that hold awards. To view full details on which restaurant guides we reference, please click here. There are many very good restaurants that do not hold any awards; the best way to help these restaurants appear on Leading is to get in touch with the restaurant guides and suggest they visit! All leading restaurant guides welcome customer feedback about restaurants which are worth eating at.
2) A restaurant claims they have awards, but your site says not. How is this the case?
This is not an uncommon occurrence. Although restaurants are very quick to promote the fact when they win awards, many are understandably more reluctant to update their websites and literature if those awards are lost. You should visit the official site of the guide in question and check if the restaurant still holds awards. For some guides, awards can be removed at any time (for such reasons as a change of head chef) and restaurants will often not state their award has been lost in the hope it will soon be reinstated. You may find our list of restaurants still in the AA guide but currently holding zero rosettes and our list of closed restaurants still holding awards useful. Any closed restaurants or restaurants currently holding no awards do not appear in our main search results. For restaurants that have only recently received an award, there will be a time delay before our database is updated.
3) Why are only restaurants with selected awards listed from certain guides?
With this site, we've made a decision to list only the most recognisable awards from each restaurant guide. For the Michelin Guide, being listed in it at all is an achievement, as is receiving a or 'Good Value Meal' award, but the awards that people really care about are Michelin Stars and Bib Gourmands. Hence we focus on that for this guide. For other guides like the Good Food Guide, restaurant scores aren't accessible online for restaurants outside their Top 50 list, which would make it a lot more difficult to keep up to date if we listed restaurants outside their Top 50. Since the AA Guide has just one main award type (AA Rosettes) and all their award winners are listed online as well as in their printed guide, it's possible for us to list all AA Rosette awarded restaurants.
4) How does the 'Restaurant Rank' system work?
Restaurants are ranked based on a weighted combination of all awards from the main restaurant guides we reference. Some guides are deemed more significant than others, and therefore their awards impact the restaurant rank we set more significantly. Given restaurants can often have the exactly the same awards, we also factor in their Google customer review rating, however this is only after the awards held have been considered. If searching by location (or viewing the best restaurants in an area), restaurants with exactly the same awards are then ordered by distance from the selected location, nearest to furthest away.
5) I think there's an error on a restaurant listing. How can I submit a correction?
At the bottom of every restaurant listing page is a 'Submit Correction' link. If you think there is some incorrect information on a restaurant listing, please let us know via this link. Please note that awards information cannot be updated as this is taken directly from the restaurant guides.
6) Do you review restaurants?
Yes. The reason we created this site is due to a love of good restaurants, so we do write independent reviews for the purposes of adding some original content. We like to visit a wide range of restaurants when possible, but we are definitely not professional food critics, nor are we "foodie bloggers". If we've rated a restaurant, the review will be available on the restaurant listing page but it doesn't factor at all into our restaurant rank system.