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About Us

Leading was developed to, as the name suggests, list the very best restaurants in the UK and Ireland. We're fortunate in the UK to have access to some excellent restaurant guides, where restaurants are assessed and rated by true experts in the field. Unfortunately, the awareness of some of these restaurant guides is not as widespread as you might think.

We looked for a site that combined the results of all the major UK and Ireland restaurant guides in one place to make finding the best restaurants in an area easy. Although there are some sites that attempt this, there was nothing we could find that did it to the level we wanted, for example being able to see all the best restaurants in the UK and Ireland on a single map.

Hence, after a lot of hard work, Leading was born. This site is absolutely not a replacement for the excellent restaurant guides we reference. These guides contain a huge amount of information above and beyond what we list on our site. Leading is simply an attempt to make this information more accessible to more people and also to promote the value of these existing and long standing restaurant guides. Individual restaurant top lists can be extremely subjective; by combining multiple established restaurant guides, we make finding the finest restaurants a much easier process, wherever you live. We hope very much that you find our service useful.